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Online Resellers

We are a one-stop solution for online sellers. Apart from all the products, we offer additional services especially designed for online retailers. If you are an online reseller, you know how important it is to maintain the highest standard of customer satisfaction. A few simple small mistakes can cause you your business. For the same reasons, we hand select the products that have the least amount of return rate and also work with only a few selected vendors that maintain high standards as well.

Additional Services

  1.  We can help grow your online retail business by giving you access to top ranked OEM products at a great price.
  2. We are currently successfully selling to multiple seven-figure online marketplace sellers with these brands.
  3. Our product return rate is less than 1% (Amazon allows up to 6%)
  4. We are the one of the only distributors that provides “FBA-Ready” merchandise
  5. What does FBA-Ready mean? We individually prep and label each product for the Amazon seller and send directly to Amazon warehouses; this reduces the lead time for products to go live on Amazon by 3-5 days and more in some cases.
  6. Our invoices always have exact quantity shipped, making shipment reconciliation much easier.
  7. All products are in stock and ready to ship. This reduces your time in research and ordering the right product from the right vendor.

So, if you are an existing seller that is looking to add more products or a new seller that is ready to start an online business, contact us for more business opportunity.

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